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Science Centre Immaginario Scientifico (IS) is an interactive, multimedia science museum.
The idea was conceived in 1985 during the planning of the science section of the Trouver Trieste exhibition at La Villette, in Paris, in May 1986 - Imaginaire Scientifique presented research conducted in Trieste's various scientific institutes. After appearing in several locations, the exhibition returned to Trieste in 1988 to form the nucleus of an interactive science museum in Italy.

The museum features original display methods and innovative techniques to stimulate learning - the objects in the exhibition can be handled as an aid to understanding natural phenomena and the physical laws that govern them. The interactive displays are accompanied by evocative music to create a unique fusion of scientific material and emotional involvement. 
The fascinating planetarium simulates sunrises and sunsets, constellations and the apparent nightly and seasonal movements of the stars, helping children understand the wonders of stellar motion. 

The museum also offers interesting programmes to introduce children to science. On Sunday afternoons from October to May, children between the ages of 5 and 10 can have fun at workshops with entertaining educational activities. Children also have the opportunity to spend a night in the museum, as in the famous film, learning about and enjoying science and nature, without parents but accompanied by an important figure in the history of science.